ANALYSIS - Inflation fells to single digit in September, interest rate could be reduced to 15%

Annual inflation fells to single digit for the first time since July 2017 with 9.26% in September. Turkey Statistical Institute (TÜİK), announced that the Consumer Price Index increased by 0.99% on monthly basis in the month of ... Devamı

TUIK: Exports in August increased by 1.6 percent, imports increased by 1.5 percent

According to the data released by Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) exports in August increased by 1.6 percent to 12 billion 523 million dollars compared to August 2018, imports increased by 1.5 percent to 15 billion 24 million ... Devamı

Outlook For Turkısh Economy For The Last Quarter Of 2019: Abstract

Assuming that monetary easing in international markets will remain, a decelerated decline in inflation and interest rates will continue along with a modest increase in the domestic economic activity, Turkish economy seems to have seen the ... Devamı

ANALYSIS - Current account deficit has turned into a surplus because of the decreased trade deficit in shrinking economy.

The current account balance gave 1 billion 158 million dollar surplus in July, while the surplus in the last 12 months has reached the highest level of 17,5 years with 4 billion 445 million dollars. Due to declined imports caused totally ... Devamı