The American Press: Worsening relations with China hit many areas in the United States

The American Press: Worsening relations with China hit many areas in the United States

  While the US demand to close the Chinese Consulate General in Houston increases tension in bilateral relations, the international press is closely following this issue.
  The Associated Press report (AP) pointed out that the interests of the two largest economies in the world, the United States and China, are closely linked.

  It was noted that the deterioration of relations would pose a danger to both countries and the world, and it is expected that the relationship with the election campaigns that will begin in the United States of America will worsen.

  According to the Associated Press report, the trade friction that started in 2018 has caused huge losses for the two countries, and other economies in Asia will be affected if the United States and China cannot resolve trade disputes.

  In the news, U.S. and China sectors and markets such as telecommunications, computers, and pharmaceuticals are also reported to be interconnected, while the Trump administration, which has collected electronic products such as mobile phones and computers produced by American companies such as Apple, Dell and HP, is manufactured in factories in China  .  It is reported that American suppliers will lose billions of dollars due to the restrictions imposed on Huawei.

  On the other hand, bilateral ties have seen their lowest level in decades since the Trump administration called for the closure of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, according to the BBC.

  It was noted that the Trump administration was trying to hold the blame for the failure of the CAFEED-19 outbreak of China, and that Beijing and Washington in the long run did not support serious opposition in relations.

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